Highland Park Advisors


Welcome to Highland Park Advisors. This is the corporate entity used by Bruce Eppinger for consulting work.

I am an independent analyst and advisor. With 30+ years in the IT business, I have an extensive background in product development, market analysis, and sales management. I will be wrapping up an extended sabbatical in January 2023. Upon my return from sabbatical, I will begin active market research into digital security topics as well as continuing my analysis of the Product Information Management market.

Before taking sabbatical, I was the senior analyst at Forrester Research for eCommerce Platforms and Product Information Management. I am the co-author of B2B and B2C eCommerce platform Waves and the sole author of the latest PIM Wave.

Even though I am on sabbatical, I take on a limited amount of freelance work through Highland Park Advisors. If you are looking to purchase a PIM system, I would be happy to assist in the RFP process. There are 60+ PIM vendors in the market. Selecting the right PIM is challenging. The product requirements are complex. The consequences of selecting the wrong PIM are costly. If you are buying a PIM, please engage me for at least a few hours of advisory conversation. I can point you to a short-list of vendors and save your days of research.

If you are a software vendor in the Security, eCommerce, or PIM space and would like to brief me about your products. please contact me. I am always happy to take briefings. Please use the link below to email me or just message me on LinkedIn